Disclaimer-Read Before Contacting Us!

As of Feb. 2022 we will no longer answer emails that have not considered the information below. We are spending too much stating over and over that all we will consider are character interviews from historical novels that do not oppose a Christian worldview.

Our audience is made up of mostly Christian readers. Not all of the books we feature will be categorized as Christian fiction, but neither will they go against that worldview in our opinion. Therefore, no explicit sex or violence. Some would call the books we feature “clean reads.” If you are an author or publicist of a book that does not fit this worldview, please do not solicit to us. This is not open for debate. Thanks for understanding!

If you are requesting a review, please note that the blog no longer has designated book reviewers. The only reviews we post are of books the contributors have already chosen to read. We do not accept requests for reviews. If you would like to contribute a character interview, please do contact us!