Welcome to the New Novel PASTimes!

What’s New?

We will be posting lots of character interviews from some of your favorite historical novels. This behind-the-scenes look will give readers more insight into the characters and should be lots of fun!

In addition, you will find some historical tidbits, book reviews, and articles on historical topics. We know you’re here because you love the genre, and so do we! Much of what we blog about will be inspirational and from a Christian worldview. Therefore we will not feature novels that go against that worldview. It’s simply the readership that we are appealing to. If you want to know more about that, go to our “Disclaimer” page.

Who Are We?

We are historical novelists but also readers. We love history and if we’re not reading or writing about it, you’ll probably find us at bookstores, museums, lectures, or perhaps antique shops. All time periods, all countries, all sub-genres (romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy…) have a home here at Novel PASTimes. You can learn more about the contributors by clicking on our photos to the right under “Contributors.” Questions? Go to our contact page.

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