Getting to know Lady Margaret from The English Proposal, The French Encounter and The American Conquest by Jenna Brandt

WTTHS coversWhat do you want? I want to find peace and live a happy life.

Okay, but what do you really want? *Lady Margaret lets out a heavy sigh* It’s been hard; I’ve faced difficulties in my life that have changed what I’ve wanted in life. Safety is what I desire most. I want to keep my family safe and not be afraid anymore.

But what do you REALLY want? *Narrows her eyes into a glare, then blurts out* I want to stop making impulsive decisions that ruin my life.

What does the Viscount Rolantry offer you? Friendship. We grew up together. I care deeply for him.

What about the Vidame of Demoulin? Protection. Though he wishes for more, I cannot give it to him.

And what about Cort Westcott? A future. He rescued me in more ways than I can ever express.

And what about the Duke of Witherton? *She stands up and places her hands on her hips* He is a vile, awful man whom I refuse to talk about. If you bring him up again, I will leave and answer no more questions.

I’m sorry. I knew you had a troubled past with the duke, but I didn’t know to what extent. Let’s talk about something else. What things do you not like to do? *Reluctantly, she sits back down* I don’t like sitting still. Why is that? When I do, I have to think about the choices I have made and what happened because of them. I would rather stay busy than take stock of my life.

Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted. I mentioned I lost people. The list is so long, I had no idea one person could survive such tremendous loss. The list started with my mother though, who passed away in childbirth. Delivering twins and surviving was not in the cards for her. What did you learn from growing up without a mother? What a deeply personal, and rather rude, question. *Lady Margaret pauses several seconds before answering* I learned that the love of a father could be enough. The Earl was a wonderful parent to me, especially after the loss of my twin brother, Randall, when we were children.

Thank you for your time, Lady Margaret. It’s been a pleasure. 

The Window to the Heart Saga Trilogy: a recountal of the trials, adventures and relationships of the family and friends of Lady Margaret. The first three books detail her journey with compelling themes of love, faith and hope with each book having a happy ending. Purchase it now on Amazon or read it for free in KU. 

Jenna headshotJenna Brandt is an avid reader and loves to read as well as write. She enjoys sharing the stories that she comes up with in her head. She has a BA in English from Bethany College, volunteers at her church on First Impressions as well as the creative writing team. She is a mother of three daughters and one little boy and a wife to a retired police officer.

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