Meet Tyrell and Emma Jaine from With Music in Their Hearts by Carole Brown


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I understand you two are the main protagonists in With Music in Their Hearts. Could you describe each other for readers please?


1940s mens outfits2 freeTyrell Walker:  The first thing that struck me about Emma Jaine Rayner was her hair and color-changing eyes. That red hair certainly goes along with her personality! Spunky, as well as caring, smart and a hard worker, she’s been called bossy by her sisters. The fact is she has a good reason to be. When the sisters’ mother died, Emma Jaine stepped in to care for them and her father. Starting a boarding home was a good idea too. It keeps her busy and provides needed housing for those needing it during WWII. It’s too bad I suspected her—reluctantly—as a spy.


Emma Jaine Rayner:

Tyrell is definitely a tease. At first, he was very annoying with his 1940s outfits 2 freeself-assurance, but as I got to know him better, and once I got over what I thought of as a love affair with a budding actress in my boarding house, I realized his worth. He was gentlemanly, fun to be with, a good cook—smile—and a wonderful preacher and Christian. I’m so glad he showed up in my life.




Tyrell, why didn’t you enlist for service during WWII?

Tyrell: That’s still a sore topic for me. But even though I was rejected for service, I was asked to serve as a civilian spy and specifically in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sometimes it seemed as though it was harder than enduring the hardships of fighting the enemy overseas because I couldn’t let anyone know what was going on. I had to keep my spying secret, and I knew others wondered at my non-service.

Emma Jaine, why did you open a boarding house in your family’s home? Didn’t that make for an awkward situation at times? 

Emma Jaine: I longed to do more for my country, and with our big house, it seemed appropriate to provide housing for those needing it during this time period. I insisted on it being a homey place, with music—my sisters and I all love music—books and arts and as little conflict as possible. For the most part it worked fine. 

Emma Jaine, what did you think of Bette Williams?

Emma Jaine: Oh, dear, must I answer this one? All right. She wasn’t a very likeable person, but I tried to do what Tyrell urged me to do: pray about her, which didn’t seem to do much good. I do understand she was a girl all alone in a big city and not very successful in getting her acting career going, so I could forgive her for some of her actions.

And, Tyrell, what about you? How did it make you feel when you saw Hamilton Blake courting Emma Jaine?

Tyrell:  Grrr. He was such a loser, so built up with his own personal worth, I found it hard to like, let alone get along with him, well, I would hardly call us best friends. Still, I suppose women found him attractive enough.

Now, a fun question for you both: who was/is your favorite boarding house guest?

Emma Jaine (laughing): That’s easy. I love Gertie Hanover. Outspoken and seemingly rich—we’ll probably never know the truth about that!—she’s a fun person. She brooks no stupidity and dislikes petty people, but she has a good heart and is faithful to church even if she does like to sit in front and wear large hats that prevent the view for those behind her.

Tyrell:  And my favorites are the Rayner sisters, Josie and Claire. I had no siblings, so taking an interest in Emma Jaine’s family is a special favor to me. They’re both so interesting and vocal, in their own ways, about their special talents and others’ opinions. I find them quite entertaining.

Could you give us a brief excerpt from your book?

Both:  Love to!

And one last thing. Would you two share the blurb for your book and a link to buy the book?

Both chorus together:  Sure.

Angry at being rejected for military service, Minister Tyrell Walker accepts the call to serve as a civilian spy within his own country. Across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio, a spy working for a foreign country is stealing secret plans for newly developed ammunition to be used in the war. According to his FBI cousin, this spy favors pink stationery giving strong indications that a woman is involved.

He’s instructed to obtain a room in the Rayner Boarding House run by the lovely, spunky red-haired Emma Jaine Rayner. Sparks of jealousy and love fly between them immediately even as they battle suspicions that one or the other is not on the up and up.

 While Tyrell searches for the murdering spy who reaches even into the boarding home, Emma Jaine struggles with an annoying renter, a worried father (who could be involved in this spy thing), and two younger sisters who are very different but just as strong willed as she is.

As Tyrell works to keep his double life a secret and locate the traitor, he refuses to believe that Emma Jaine could be involved even when he sees a red-haired woman in the arms of another man. Could the handsome and svelte banker who’s also determined to win Emma Jaine’s hand for marriage, be the dangerous man he’s looking for? Is the trouble-making renter who hassles Emma Jaine serving as a flunky? Worse, is Papa Rayner so worried about his finances and keeping his girls in the style they’re used to, that he’ll stoop to espionage?

 Will their love survive the danger and personal issues that arise to hinder the path of true love?

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Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

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